Confession Of A Struggling Nation: A Prayer

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Almighty and Sovereign Lord, please forgive our struggling and fallen nation. Forgive our lack of gratitude for the countless blessings that you have lavished upon us. Father, we have wandered away from you and so much that You taught us. In so doing, we have applauded evil, endorsed sin, rationalized mediocrity, turned our back on your Word and Commandments and recklessly, forgotten your promises.

Lord, in our arrogance and selfishness we have considered ourselves more important than others.

We have been prejudiced, entitled and lazy.

We have become a nation of “what have you done for me lately?” instead of looking how we can serve others and come alongside You and your kingdom purposes.

Our pride has veiled our hearts and prevented us from seeing the error of our way. We measure our erroneousness by our own ever-changing standard–basing our measure of good and evil on trends in popularity or what feels good, instead of what is true and right.


We have not worshipped you with our whole heart as the Most High, King of Kings.  Instead, so many times our worship has been irreverent, conditional, half-hearted and dull. We have been more motivated by our desire for others to see our good instead of Your radiant glory.

Lord, we have made many idols for ourselves—people, devices, money and technology. We have become a nation filled with unbelief and skepticism, yet we have lacked the courage to genuinely pursue you with passion and intentionality. You are faithful to respond to those who seek You.

We have allowed ourselves to settle in our spiritual complacency.

Our faith has been limited to that which we can see and control instead of trusting unswervingly to your promises and believing on the evidence of all that you have already done…around us, in us and through us.

We have minimized your love for us to fairytale status and we have been cavalier about your provision. We have sought to meet our own needs through relationships, drugs, pornography, wealth, food and other strongholds, instead of seeking our Provider and Protector. In so doing, we come away from our worldly pursuits malnourished and desperate for something, anything, to alleviate the cavernous depravity of our souls.

As a nation we have become so blind to sin that we fail to see how we embrace it day, after day. Our tolerance for sin and violence grows as our desire for holiness and obedience wanes. Instead of having the courage to take responsibility for our waywardness we seek to pacify ourselves with all sorts of ungodly excuses and watered down truths. Our faith has become as anemic as our convictions.

God have mercy on our nation and forgive us.

Lord, we deserve your anger to burn against us. But your character is Love and in your perfect justice you desire to pour out mercy, instead of wrath. You desire reconciliation instead of eternal separation. You cannot act incongruent with who You are.

However, as our loving Father you will not withhold your discipline, rebuke and correction. For our sake and in your great love for us, you seek that we may restored and be strengthened by our understanding of the error of our way. In your perfect Justice, you do not seek or desire to harm us, but you will allow the experiences necessary to transform our wickedness.

Lord, you love us too much to leave us where we are. So much so that before the foundations of the earth were laid you created a Way and a plan to heal and recover your lost and fallen children. In your great mercy, you loved us enough to send your One and Only Son to die for our sins; that by our faith (and by faith alone) you will redeem and reclaim your rebellious children.

Lord, we confess all ungodly attitudes, beliefs and wholeheartedly repent of the vile and divisive language that all too easily comes from our lips. As we confess, we humbly seek You and your forgiveness. We sincerely desire to repent from all our wicked rebellious ways.

Holy Father, give us the vision and courage to see our failures and sin as rebellion against you; not that you seek to condemn, but You seek to save.

Jesus, our prayer is to affirm and agree with your desire for us to be faithful believers of the One, True God. Through Jesus Christ, you long to transform, redeem and restore all those who humbly seek you.  It is your will, Father, that all people may experience the depth of your forgiveness, the comfort of your grace and the limitless mercy and power available to us through your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Until that day when we are in glory with you, I pray that you strengthen us to be mighty warriors for the Kingdom of God. Help us to live godly lives that point others to you and the transforming and redeeming work of the Holy Spirit.

Oh, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Sovereign Lord! We will not grow weary! Our trust is in you, God—in all circumstances.


 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

2 Chronicles 7:14

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